ATMA was my 2nd-year grade final school game project. We were a team of 11 people for the development of the game. ATMA was the top game of the 2018 class of the 2nd year grade at RUBIKA SupInfoGame.



Game Development World Championship

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Made with Unity Engine



The player embodies Shaya, guardian of the balance of the visible and invisible world. Atma, her lover, to protect this balance, tried to create an Urja much too early and this creation turned to a failure. This experience creates a gap between the two worlds breaking the balance that Shaya guarantees. The player will then have the choice between following the path of the guardians or letting himself be guided by the love that binds her to Atma.


In terms of video game references we mainly had Shadow of the Colossus, which is a game with a strong personal involvement of the player and, in second reference, Okami for the main mechanics of drawing.

My Work

During the development of the game, I have participated in the making of many aspects of the game such as camera scripting, kinematics, gameplay programming, level design, and obviously, game design. I also was in charge of editing a trailer for the game release.



As in kinematics or in gameplay, I was in charge of cameras and their transitions. Considering that the main game mechanic was based on the camera's position, every phase of the game (exploration, puzzles, kinematic, and fight) had to merge perfectly into each other without frustrating the player's progression and the readability of the level: to fully immerse him into the game's story and its great environments, while he progresses in it. 

Level Design


I was in charge of the right part of the dungeon level design. It was essential that the player has to use his wind power to progress in this level, for that, we came up with braziers which the player will use to conduct fire. Confrontation, although could appears if the player moves or blows too close to a carillon forcing him to use his lightning ability. 

Gameplay Programming


I participate in the programming of several gameplay features such as the brazier (left picture), or the absorption zone (right picture).

Finally, for the rest of the production, I participated in the overall tweaking of the game, and polishing in the scenes.

This experience was a wonderful journey, where I have learned a lot from my mistakes, and have improved my skills.

A big thank you to the whole team


Geoffrey PINEAU          Julia MARTINEZ BAIARDI          Vincent TRINEL          Sonia EN NAJIBI

Alice FERNANDEZ          Tristan VEILLE

And to the new members who joined us during production,

Pierrick QUEROLLE          Nicolas CERIANI          Robin SEIGNOLLES          Laurène SAVARY